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Organizational Change

Organizational Change

We are living in a time of profound change...

The magnitude and pace of which has reached unprecedented levels in the past couple decades. No let-up is in sight. Organizations of all sizes, sectors and industries are under tremendous pressure to adapt and change to avoid becoming extinct. Unfortunately, the capacity help organizations successfully initiate and implement complex change is in too short supply. We have learned organizations are most successful at change when the necessary support comes from people inside the organization rather than solely relying on external experts.

Guiding Organizational Change 

Sundance Consulting Inc. developed the Guiding Organizational Change program to build internal capacity to effectively guide organizations through the myriad of complex changes they face today. We offer this comprehensive 4 day program as a customized in-house program that can be brought into your organization. We take a competency building approach in this program. Rather than having the leaders and staff rely on outside expertise when implementing a major change, we provide the resources and training for people inside the organization to make change work on their own.

This program is a “train-the-trainer program” for Human Resource, Organizational Development, Communication and Project Management professionals, as well as key organizational leaders. It provides a solid conceptual framework, access to a vast array of world class resources, and a very practical approach to help organizations change.

Program Objectives:  

  • Deepen your understanding of the difference and connection between strategy, change, transition and communication in complex changing organizations.
  • Explore a variety of systems views of your organization to ensure you have a holistic understanding of how to approach the challenges your organization is facing.
  • Get acquainted with the materials, resources, and programs supporting Guiding Organizational Change.
  • Learn essential concepts of the 3 core programs: Leading Organizational Change, Navigating Organizational Change, and Working with Organizational Character.
  • Explore the facilitation, consulting and engaging applications for making change work in your organization.
  • Share ideas, solutions, create quality dialogue and have fun doing it.


Program Agenda: (the program length and agenda are flexible depending on the situation in your  organization)

Day 1 

Introduction & Overview • Reviewing What We Already Know • Materials & Resources • Case Study Questions • Develop Various Systems Views • Exploring Organizational Character.

Day 2 

Open Forum • Helping Leaders First – Leading Organizational Change – The Integrated Approach to Leading Change • Effective Strategic Leadership • Connecting Strategy and Change • Implementing Successful Change • Leading People Through Transition • Engaging Communication • Action Plans.

Day 3

Open Forum • Supporting Employees – Navigating Organizational Change – Global Views & Organizational Views • Personal Reality • Change Impacts • Change & Transition • Transition Plans • Surviving Constant Change • The Application Challenge • Consulting and Guiding Change • An Ideal Intervention. 

Day 4

Open Forum • The Essence of Being Helpful • Integrating Change Leadership into Your Organization • Case Study Review • Outstanding Issues and Wrap up.


Who Should Attend:

  • Human resource, training & development, organizational development and performance management professionals (internal or external)
  • Communication support professionals
  • Key senior leaders.
  • Key project leaders.
  • Key middle managers.
  • Everyone wanting to significantly increase their ability to help organizations change.


What You Will Receive:

  • The knowledge and tools necessary to effectively guide change throughout your organization.
  • A thorough understanding of The Integrated Approach to Leading Change™.
  • Insightful concepts to build leadership capacity throughout your organization.
  • An action plan to improve your ability as a guide in your changing organization. 
  • Practical tactics to survive the chaos of change in your organization.
  • Consulting tips to help you apply your new learning immediately.
  • Expert advice, support, and consultations with Chris Edgelow
  • A comprehensive set of resources, including assessment tools, booklets, workbooks, facilitator guides, and slides. 


Comments From Recent Participants:

"Excellent program, well organized and very applicable to our organization right now. Very useful tools we can use immediately."

"This program was one of the most valuable professional development sessions I've taken as a manager - very helpful in my previous organization and even more relevant in my current one."  

"Tremendous program, this is the first session I've attended (and I've attended many over the years) where I've felt I have developed skills for immediate use."

"Excellent program, it was able to bring out many key concerns and provide solutions to our current major change. It allowed us to relate the theory to our situation in very practical ways."

" The true strength of this program is the depth and breadth of knowledge of the facilitator and the passion for this work he so clearly demonstrates. The integrated model is very practical and is supported by an impressive array of user friendly materials and resources."

"Excellent - this has been a fantastic opportunity to learn about leading change from the best. The resources, applications, anecdotes and stories were all very valuable."


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