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Leading Change

Leading Change

Organizations in every sector of the economy are facing significant leadership challenges.

Fundamental shifts are occurring everywhere and organizations that cannot adapt will find themselves becoming increasingly irrelevant and disappearing all together. Leading change, not change management is the key skill to ensuring your organization can adapt and be successful. 



Leading Organizational Change

Sundance Consulting Inc. developed the Leading Organizational Change program to provide leaders with a holistic, practical understanding of what it takes to successfully lead change in their organizations. Using The Integrated Approach to Leading Change™ model, this program gives you the framework and tools to successfully lead change in your organization.

This program can be tailored for Executives, Project Teams, Middle Managers, First Level Supervisors, Intact Leadership Teams or whatever is best given the situation your organization is facing. 

Each one of these programs is customized after some initial exploration into the challenges your organization is facing. Program length can range from a half a day to two full days. Each program is highly interactive and hands one. Action plans are always created throughout the program to ensure what is learned is ready to implement throughout the organization.

Program Objectives: 

  • Clarify the difference and interconnection between Strategy, Change, Transition and Communication as they relate to leading complex change in your organization. 
  • Explore various systems view of your organization. 
  • Discover the critical factors required for effective strategic leadership. 
  • Determine what is required to align and implement successful change. 
  • Identify how to lead people through transition. 
  • Explore what is required to communicate change effectively. 
  • Determine where people are on the journey and develop a plan to keep them moving forward.

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