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Leading Transformations at the Top

Transformational change is complex, enormously challenging and always takes a long time. More often than not, transformational efforts fall flat long before any glimpse of success is evident. 

One key person must take the required leadership and maintain it throughout the long transformational journey. That person is the one on top of the organizational heirarchy. Whether it is the CEO, President, Executive Director, King, Queen, Prime Minister or whomever is at the top of the system trying to change, that person has a crucially important role. 

Recently I came across an article I remembered reading when it originally came out in 2007. Written by two McKinsey consultants, The CEO's Role in Leading Transformation describes four key functions that define the role of the senior leader during a transformation:

  1. Make the transformation meaningful.
  2. Role-model desired mind-sets and behavior.
  3. Build a strong committed top team.
  4. Pursue impact relentlessly.

 Filled with helpful examples from successful senior leaders, this insightful article provides a useful template for senior leaders to use day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year until the transformation fully takes shape throughout their organization. 

If you are leading dramatic change at the top of an organization, or if you know someone who is, this article will help. Enjoy it. Better yet, understand what it is saying and put the ideas into action. Your people will thank you. 

Chris Edgelow