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Launching Our Online Learning Center

We hosted our first webinar a dozen years ago. At the time, we were excited about the possiblity of sharing our ideas and resources about helping people and organizations change in the rapidly evolving online world. 

Over the years we learned many things about online learning as we tried a variety of approaches. Some worked, others didn't and throughout it all, we learned a great deal. Technology has also changed dramatically in this area of online learning. We have finally come up with a formula that works. 

It is our distinct pleasure to formally launch our new ONLINE LEARNING CENTER. Here you will find five brand new courses that share ideas on leading change, living with change, guiding change, communicating change and project teams leading change. There are five sets of Learning Resources consisting of Assessment Tools and Booklets. Our six very popular Booklets  are now readily available as well. You will also find a library of more than 50 articles that we've written and published in a variety of journals and magazines over the years. You will find a short introduction video that gives you a complete overview of what you will find. 

Welcome to our new Online Learning Center. Go on in and look around. I'm sure you will find something of interest and of significant value to you and your changing organization. I welcome your comments at