Sundance Consulting Inc.
Helping People & Organizations Change
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Helping People & Organizations Change



Helping organizations build their capacity for change since 1986.

Sundance Consulting provides Change Leadership consulting, presentations, coaching, training, workshops and resources to help individuals and organizations change more successfully.

Founded by Chris Edgelow, we specialize in helping our clients build their internal capacity for successful change throughout the entire organization. 

We developed The Integrated Approach to Leading Change™  weaving together the core competencies required for successful change: Strategy, Change, Transition and Communication. This systems based, holistic approach to leading change is at the core of all our work.



President & Founder

Chris Edgelow

Toll Free: 1.888.944.8383

Areas of Focus

Leading Change

Building leadership capacity at all levels of a changing organization is perhaps the most pressing challenge most organizations face these days. As the pace and complexity of change continues to increase, it is competent leadership, not management that will ensure success.

Organizational Change

Organizations that will succeed in these times of rapid, complex change are the ones that can evolve and change successfully. The best way to do that is to ensure there is a core group of professionals inside the organization who can guide change effectively.

Personal Change

At the heart of every successfully changing organization are resilient people. Everyone needs a greater capacity to adapt to the accelerating pace of change. Navigating change has become a necessary survival skill for everyone working in organizations today. 

Just because we cannot clearly see the end of the road, that is no reason for not setting out on the essential journey.
— John F. Kennedy